Small Stakebed


Small Stakebeds are most often used to transport small to medium sized and light to medium weight cargo including pallets, pipe, cylinders, drums, valves, oilfield machinery, gaskets, lumber and more. The stakebed pictured above is equipped with additional equipment including a full pipe rack, headache rack, and a lift gate which allows it to transport cargo that would otherwise be impossible for a stakebed truck.

Small Stakebed Specifications:

  • Cargo Weight Range = 1 - 3,999 lbs
  • Cargo Dimension Range = 8'W x 12'L flat open bed that can fit up to 6 standard (4'x4') pallets, or other cargo with similar total width and length dimensions
  • Headache rack (standard on stakebed trucks) = larger cylinders or top heavy machinery that is required to be secured to a load bearing frame during transit.
  • If equipped with a pipe rack = pipe up to 24' in length and up to 1000 lbs in weight.
  • If equipped with a lift gate - loading and unloading of cargo, too heavy to be lifted in or out of the truck, that is picked up or delivered to a facility without a forklift.