Franco Corso

Cannonball Trucking - Hall of Fame


Written by Frank Corso, May 17, 2016

I was born on September 25, 1931 to an Italian couple in Houston, Texas, population 350,000. My father came from Italy and my mother from Franklin, LA, which is where I get my Cajun accent.

I was raised in a mom and pop grocery store where I learned the importance of taking care of your customers to stay in business. I was in the boy scouts during the war years and received the Eisenhower Medal for collecting 1000 lbs of paper for the war effort to pack bombs. It was called the Eisenhower Paper Drive. I attended Catholic schools and graduated from St. Thomas High School in 1951. My teachers were nuns and priests. They taught reading, writing and arithmetic to the tune of the hickory stick. I was in the Marine Corps for two years, 1952 to 1954. Rose to the rank of private first class - honorable discharged.

I got married and raised 5 children - four Aggies and one Cougar. I have 10 grandchildren.

When I left the Marine Corps, I got a promised lifetime job at Hughes Tool Co. that lasted 3 years and 2 months. - short life. I took a 3 year home study course in radio and electronic repairs, which got me a job at Texas Instruments for 20 years as a semi-conductor technician, machine operator and group leader. When I retired from Texas Instruments, I was driving a 1/2 ton Nissan truck and went to drive for Cannonball Trucking as an owner operator.

In the beginning all we had was a beeper, a two-way radio that was good for 50 miles to receive our dispatch, a key map, and a 1-800 number. How things have changed.

I have always taken pride in my pick-ups and deliveries by being on time every time. I made owner-operator of the year in 1994, and owner-operator of the month many times. During my time with Cannonball, I competed in the Senior Olympics for 6 years. I won medals for the 5k race walk, 50 meter and 100 meter dash.

Driving for Cannonball for over 26 years has been a very fulfilling career. I have driven over 3,000,000 miles, met a lot of great people, made good money, and travelled to almost every state in the U.S. What keeps me going is the support I get from my great family at home and the support I get from my great second family at Cannonball. They are the wind under my wings.

Frank Corso #24