Curtain Side Tractor Trailer


Curtainside Tractor Trailers are most often used to transport large sized and heavy weight cargo including pallets, cylinders, cylinder 6-packs, cylinder 12-packs, drums, totes, boxed cargo, electronics, and more. Curtainside Tractor Trailers are best utilized to protect cargo when it is sensitive to light, moisture, or other external elements, but unlike Boxvan Tractor Trailers, the curtainside allows loading and unloading from the side. This application is especially useful for lumber, coated pipe, specialty equipment, and other side loaded delicate freight.

Curtainside Tractor Trailer Specifications:

  • Cargo Weight Range = 1 - 45,000 lbs
  • Cargo Dimension Range = 8'W x 48'L enclosed van that can fit up to 24 standard (4'x4') pallets, or other cargo with similar total width and length dimensions
  • Loading and unloading may be done from the side, which gives more versatility to the types of freight it can haul.